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About Adventure Races

Adventure Racing is all about challenging the athletes with multiple disciplines similar to a triathlon. The difference is the skills required are not always the same from race to race and teamwork is emphasized over individual achievement. Find out why this is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Don't confuse this with the obstacle course races, there are no man-made obstacles here. Spartans and Warriors are highly encouraged to sign up, but if you find barbed wire you're off course. Navigation is a core skill, teams are expected to find their own way to the checkpoints on the map provided. 

How is the race organized?

Traditionally they are all about making the teams think and plan. Every race is unique and typically include biking, running, and navigating. A general description of the race is given but the actual course maps aren't revealed until the pre-race briefing. The courses aren't marked, the teams must find the checkpoints and return within the time limit. The team with the most points and fastest time wins, but for most competitors just beating the course is a major personal achievement and victory. 


How do you train for this? 360 Adventure Races has partnered with several local companies and organizations to provide the complete package to get your team ready. 

Golden Mountain Guides covers all your climbing and rappelling skills. They manage all of the ropes course sections for 360 AR. 

3W Races provides running events with amazing support and a community spirit.

Golden Bear Bikes helps keep your bike in top shape and is a great resource for everything you will need on the bike course. They have maintenance specials for the events so check the event page for details.

Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club holds many navigation based events through the year and gives free training as well. 

Bend Racing is another AR company that holds outstanding races and provided some action photos. They are highly recommended for more racing options.

Active Performance Chiropractic is our go-to for those injuries that arise from training hard. Not just a chiropractor, a great resource for training and recovery.


Ready to go?

The best part of adventure racing is the teamwork. Grab some friends and make a team to go experience some of these great races. Whether you do the short races or aspire to the AR World Series 360 Adventure Races is here to enable your adventures. 


360 Adventure Racing is part of the Adventure Racing COOP, a group dedicated to helping everyone enjoy the sport. Check them out to learn new skills or find teams.